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Wake Up! (Online Video)

 I had a lot of fun filming this “Wake Up” music video. Produced by Outreach Production. Check it out. 

Current Casted Role

Sickle Man

In a small Town in the early 1900's there was once a legend about a Sickle Man, this killer was brutal and would only kill because he was told too! But who told him to slaughter, was it Supernatural? The legend lives on!

Devil Dog Film & Movie Productions

Currently in Production


Plot (About)  -   

A boy named Kyle believes he's being watched by aliens and sets out to prove it

Written & Directed by:  Benjamin Kapit

Featuring Maya Jai Pinson as  Kate Stephenson

Films Featured in Waiting for Release

Living the Dream

Sinners Wanted

Don't Think


Another Way to say I love you