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Wake Up! (Online Video)


 I had a lot of fun filming this “Wake Up” music video. Produced by Outreach Production. Check it out. 

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Plot (About)  -   

A boy named Kyle believes he's being watched by aliens & sets out to prove it.

Written & Directed by:  Benjamin Kapit

Featuring Maya Jai Pinson as  Kate.

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Previously Aired


Featured as a  high school student in the 20th Season episodes 1  & 4 aired on NBC.

Current Casted Role


Sinners Wanted

Released March 2019

Pilots Booked!


  • Indigo Child - Pre-production
  • Dads Do It Too (TV Series Pilot)  In production
  • "The Other Two" (TV Series Pilot) Played the role of Principal Fan - Airing on Comedy Central, Thursday nights at 10:30 pm EST
  • "Classyfyd" (TV Series Pilot)  Cast in the role of "Younger Anna"
  • "Crossroads" (TV Series) Casted  as Natalie Carter
  • Cause Unknown (Tara) - Season 1 is available at

Films Featured in Waiting for Release


Ghoul Man ( )

Patricia's Independence

A Long Walk to Black Panther

Don't Think


Another Way to say I love you

Living the Dream
Sickle Man