Fun Facts about "Me"


What do I do in my spare time?

I study, read, hang-out with friends, play basketball, go to the 

movies, skateboarding, swim, and to travel.

What inspired me to writer a book?

My mother inspired me who is also a children’s book author and my niece inspired me to write "Back Pack Lilly"!

Do I have a fan club mailing address?

My fan club mailing address is:

Maya "Jai"

PO Box 5674

Hyattsville, MD 20782 

I love receiving pen pal letters. 

Do I get grounded?


Do I have a nickname?

My nickname is "Blue Jai".

What is my favorite food?

 I love Bar-B-Que Flatbread pizza.


What is my zodiac sign?

I am a Gemini.

What is my favorite sport?

My favorite sport is Basketball.

What is my favorite color(s)?

Blue & purple.

Do I play any instruments?

Cello (4 years), drums, recorder, flute & (the organ a little - LOL) .

How old was I when I first appeared in a magazine?

1 years old.

How old was I when I appeared in my first movie?

11 years old.


Do I have any pets?

I have a Hamster name Jaiden.

What is my favorite hobby?

 Bike riding.

Which family vacation did I enjoy the most?

The cruise was my favorite Family vacation. 

Which amusement park have I visited the most?

Six Flags America.

What is my favorite movie?