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Janiya Williams "NiNiJ"


In between balancing school, homework and filming, 8 year old Janiya Williams finds time to encourage, inspire and motivate kids, her friends and on social media platforms to Watch Ur Words (WUW).

This Fall Janiya will play the role of Carrie, opposite of her real life character, in a new web series “Patricia’s Independence”.  While loving to act she also loves instilling positive vibes, inspiring kids and being a great role model. 

Janiya’s very passionate with encouraging kids to “Watch their Words” so she thought of launching the “Watch UR Words” (WUW)campaign .  She believes this practice will not only benefit the young but the old too.


Watch Ur Words - "WUW"

 “I kept hearing kids in school say mean, hurtful and disrespectful things to other kids and then I started hearing on the news how some kids committed suicide,” Janiya said. “I thought that was awful and sad. So, I started thinking if everyone watches what they say to each other, then the world would be a better place so I came up with ‘Watch UR Words.’” 


Eight-Year-Old Girl Wants Kids To ‘Watch Ur Words’

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